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A Little History

We are a company with a desire for technological innovation. We started in 1990 when we were pioneers in Desktop Publishing with a 1000 dpi black and white laser printer and a B&W scanner. We now have a fully digital print shop with the ability to produce orders of 100 books in 24 hours with excellent quality. Part of our culture is always seeking new and better solutions to meet the desires and needs of our customers and the market in general. We are aware that the market is constantly changing

and we must help our current customers with up-to-date solutions. It is with this vision that we have prepared ourselves with workflows, equipment and the training of our staff to meet increasingly smaller volumes and ever faster delivery times at very affordable prices. Helping our customers reduce their inventories, making changes / quick document fixes, and thus being able to respond to small niche markets that previously did not justify an investment in print.


In 2003 we participated in two projects that won worldwide awards. It was a Benny Award and Runner Up of the PIA (Printing Industries of America) in the category of color paperback books. (Benny is a statue in honor of Benjamin Franklin).

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