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How does ‘On-Demand-Printing’ benefit me ?:

Using digital printing technology you can produce a small number of copies at an acceptable per unit price. This will eliminate inventory costs, both physical space as well as having money standing in warehouses in the form of books that may take months or years to sell. Another big plus is when printing only a small amount of copies you can easily make changes in future editions and not being stuck with out of date material.

Can you print special colors like Gold and Silver?:

Unfortunately no, only 4 color process can be printed, which will properly reproduce any photograph you may have seen in magazines and books.

Can text be printed in some other color than black?:

Text can be printed in almost any color, although this would increase the cost several times. We only recommend this option when printing whole books in full color and not with plain books.

Why do you recommend three sizes; quarter letter, half letter and letter?:

These sizes get the most out of both paper and equipment, and offer the best price options.

I made my Word file with a letter page size (81⁄2 x 11 inches) and want my book to be printed some other size.

No problem, go to the "File” window and look for "Page Setup" and in "Paper Size" enter the size you desire. You can also adjust the margins if necessary. We recommend a minimum of 3/4 inches in all four directions (see tips). Resizing your document will alter the total page count, requiring adjustments to index and table of contents.

What is the shipping cost to my location and how long will it take?:

Although shipping varies among destinations, a single book should vary between $75 and $150 pesos, and a box with 100 books will cost between $250 and $400 pesos. Shipping to all major Mexican cities should take 1 day but toward the south (Chiapas, Oaxaca, Yucatan) and toward the north (Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Sonora) may take 2 to 3 days. For most destinations you pay for shipping upon delivery.

How long does it take to make the first sample?:

Starting from a good printable file like Acrobat or Word, it takes one business day.

What is included when I print my book with you?:

The price includes printing of one sample and all the books you ordered. It does not include design and layout, corrections, cover design, or the second sample if needed because of changes. We can offer some of these services for an additional charge.


General recommendations

Please bear in mind that books have both right and left hand pages, and the book should begin on a right hand page with an odd page number. A new chapter should begin on a right hand page.
For practical purposes we recommend numbering pages on the bottom-center of each page.
If Headers or Footers are needed, we recommend using Word’s “Header” function under “Insert Autotext”.
You will also find “Page Numbering” under the same “Insert” function.
A lot of books use 11 point Times New Roman for body text, and margins usually are: Top 7/8”, Bottom 3/4”, Inside 7/16”, Outside 3/4”. Indents are usually 1⁄4”.
In order to change the page size, go to the "File" window and look for "Page Setup" and in "Paper Size" enter the size you desire.
We recommend a minimum of 100 pages in order to have enough space for text on the spine.
We recommend avoid using plain solid colors in large areas for covers. A little texture in these areas will produce much better results.


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