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Suggestion to help you promote your book.

libroEven though our area of expertise lies in printing, over the last 3 years we have heard o lot of interesting ideas on how some of our costumers have promoted their books.

One auther does a monthly book signing and gives a talk about her book ( a self motivation book) in a small bookstore. Days before the event she puts up posters in the area inviting people to the event. This can be a win / win situation for the bookstore since you may bring new costumers to the store.

Other authers give talks about their “area of expertise” in public places like the local chamber of commerce and at the end they make a brief remark like, and for those interested there are books available. In one particular case a client gives one talk each year at a week long event and sells around 500 books. His, is a book about marketing.

Another idea is signing all your emails with a brief comment about the new book you have written.

Or print a sample batch so you can sent it to publishing companies or literary agents or writing competitions in the hope they like it and will promote it for you.

One of our first clients sold all his books through a Poetry book club which liked his work.

In Mexico we have a really big Book Fair (FIL) in Guadalajara where you can participate in a booth as an Independent Author, sharing the cost with other authors.


Although I believe this idea (the mexican book fair) would only be worthwhile if your book is in Spanish.

The idea here is that people get to know something about your book. I would suggest that with whatever you are comfortable with start doing it. Good luck.

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